Stitch Fix Maternity - April 2015

Yay! It's Stitch Fix time!

{about stitch fix}

In case you haven't heard...

Stitch Fix is an online styling/shopping service. For a $20 fee, they send you five clothing or accessory pieces that a personal stylist has chosen just for you, based on your style profile, special notes to your stylist, and even your Pinterest boards. When you receive your box, you can choose to buy as many of the items as you want, and then return what you don't want in your return bag (postage is prepaid!). Your $20 styling fee applies to anything you purchase, and if you love everything, you get a 25% discount on your entire box!

So basically, it's a ton of fun. You can choose to receive just one box (no subscription required!), or you can subscribe to receive boxes every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

Stitch Fix also offers petite and maternity options now, which works out just perfectly for my preggo self.

{my maternity stitch fix - april 2015}

This is my second maternity Stitch Fix (read about my first here! By the way (spoiler alert), I kept the leggings and the gray striped shirt!). I was so excited to rip into this box! Let's take a look at my treasures from this month...

Loveappella Carlita Multi Chevron Print Maxi Dress ($78)

first impressions: CRAY-CRAY print. Something I would never take a second looks at in a store. Super soft, though. Sleeveless (can be a problem since I wear my LDS garments all the time).

on me:

thoughts: Okay, I don't love the print. It's busy, very colorful (even more so in person), and gives off a hippie vibe that is not a normal part of my style. BUT. But. It is incredibly comfortable. The material is super soft and perfectly flowy and cool. It stretches well over my bump, but it's technically not a maternity dress, so I can wear post baby, too. In fact, the criss-cross opening would make this an ideal nursing dress. The coloring does work with my skin, and I thankfully have a couple cardigans that will work really well to add coverage (though I could see myself using it as a swimsuit cover, too). So basically, UNDECIDED.

RD Style Jennika Open Cardigan ($38)

first impressions: Why was I sent this? In fact, why does this cardigan exist?

on me:

thoughts: Okay, so I get why it exists. It creates a layered look. But it does nothing else. The weave is incredibly open, so it adds no warmth and no coverage. I'm still a little surprised that I even received this, since I specifically requested no layering/outerwear pieces. Once I added it to an outfit, I liked how it looked, but I just can't add it to my wardrobe. RETURN. 

Dahlya Steval Swing Knit Top ($58)

first impressions: Ooh, stripes! (Stripes are my love language, I think). And a nice casual shirt. Awesome!

on me:

thoughts: No. No no no. The bottom of this shirt just doesn't work. The front is so high that if I lift up my arms at all, my belly pops right out. And the difference between the front and the sides is just a little too drastic for my liking. Plus, the whole cut just did zero things for my figure. Super boxy. Sorry, stripes -- you cannot save this shirt. RETURN. 

Laila Jayde Darcie Knot Front Maternity Top ($28)

first impressions: Kind of plain. Looks kind of short. The color is nice.

on me:

thoughts: I could almost pass off as not pregnant from a front view in this shirt, which is incredible. It is short, like I feared, but the knot in front kind of keeps it in place. It's cute, lightweight, and different from anything else I own. I think it'll also work post-baby, which is always a plus. The downsides are that there's not much that is super WOW about it, and it's just barely see-through, so I might be self conscious about it since it looks funny with an undershirt. The price is right, but I'm still UNDECIDED. 

Tart Maternity Delanee Maternity Dress ($118)

first impressions: Holy expensive. Super pretty color and pattern, but unsure how it'll fit. Not sure if I really want it to work, or really don't want it to work. 

on me:

thoughts: Dang, guys. This color looks goooood on me. (Does that sound cocky? Whatev.) And the pattern is so cute! And the top actually works, but is still unique! But alas, I don't think this was meant to be. If it was two inches longer, we'd probably be in business. But remember my aforementioned garments? They are seriously right.there. at the hem. Any sort of lifting, sitting, bending, etc., will show them off. Oh, and the arm holes are actually kind of big, so any lifting of my arms will show off, too. Basically, any scenario other than this photo isn't going to work for this dress. However, dear dress, if you and that maxi above ever want to hook up and create a dress baby in that cut with your print, I'll be all over that. RETURN.


Well, this box was a tiny bit of a letdown, since there wasn't anything that is a super-clear keep. I'll probably end up keeping the knot-front top, since it's so cheap and I'd hate to lose my styling fee. But I'd also hate to keep something just to keep it, you know?

Was this box bad enough to turn me off from Stitch Fix? Absolutely not! I'd definitely still recommend them to anyone who needs help shopping for one reason or another. (Speaking of my recommendation, the links to Stitch Fix in this post are referral links, so signing up through them gets me a little sumpin-sumpin from Stitch Fix. Just in the interest of full disclosure, you know.)

All right, so what do you think about those undecideds? Help a sista out!