About Me


Well, hi there.

I’m so happy to welcome you to Sincerely Katie! No, seriously...I'm happy about this.

I’m Katie, and I’m a 20-something Arizona native who’s a sucker for semicolons and who always, always orders the macaroni and cheese.  

This blog is all about being real. Not being perfect, or even seemingly perfect. Just real. I want to give you a place to come that isn’t photoshopped*, half-hidden, or out-of-touch. This is real life, sincerely!

We’re going to talk about kids. I’ve got four of them, and they’re messy, loud, stubborn, and (mostly) adorable. They say just the wrong things at just the wrong times, and sometimes, they say just the right things at just the right times. They’re my world.

We’ll talk about marriage. I’ve got a great one, but we have a long way to go, and we’re constantly trying to improve and learn. It’s a crazy, lovely life together, and hopefully some of the lessons we’ve learned help others navigate their own crazy, lovely lives. 

We’re going to talk about being women. We’ll talk about beauty and how it gets ugly sometimes. We’ll talk about fashion and how that reeeeeally gets ugly sometimes**. We’ll talk about girl power and confidence and reaching our goals as people, because we need to talk about these things and too often, we just don't.

I’ll share my favorite products with you, because I love trying new things and spreading the word. We’ll chat about everything from concealer to cleaning products to apps to books. I’ll also ask you for opinions on clothes (because I’m chronically indecisive like that). It’ll be like a sleepover, but without the “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” or “Who is the cutest member of N*SYNC?***" aspects.

We’ll talk about food. Mostly Dr. Pepper, which my husband would tell you is not a food... but he also doesn’t think popcorn is a meal, so take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Basically, we’ll be talking about the stuff of life. The big things, and the little things too. Because the more I live, the more I realize that all of it really, truly, and sincerely, matters.


*Instagram filters don’t count, because I love me a good Instagram filter. 

**I’m looking at you, wedge sneakers.